Hi. Hello. Ahola. G’day.

I’m Asawari, and I’ll be one of your reviewers on this blog! I spend more time reading books than actually interacting with people and therefore socialize primarily with fictional friends as opposed to real ones. Oops.

On the rare occasion that I am not found practising the delicate art of procrastination or reading, you will find me intensively planning to take over the world, and dreaming about owning pet clouds. Occasionally I may even venture out of my room and meet my family. They seem like nice people.

Truth behold, I’m not that bad. Honestly.

So anyway, if by some miracle I haven’t already managed to scare you away, I hope that through this blog, I am able to share my love for reading and hopefully make your time here worthwhile by give you some useful recommendations. I’m not exactly sure how this whole blogging thing works yet, but I’ve been meaning to create a blog for a while now. Although I haven’t quite posted anything at this stage, I promise that my reviews will be honest opinions, intended for all you readers. I’m not writing to please anyone, I just wish for someone to find my recommendations valuable and hope to help them in deciding which book they wish to pick up next!

Till next time then!

Asawari 🙂